Paul Bindel,


Paul is the founder of Doghead Creative and the co-founder of Queen City Cooperative and Colorado Solidarity Fund. He is passionate about the arts and cooperative economics. The former offers space and tools to represent reality, society and history, while the latter helps us to practically reimagine the status quo.

Cierra McNamara,

Business Support

I believe societies are strongest when they look out for the least-advantaged, and individuals are strongest when they operate from generosity. I converted my business to a co-op in 2011 as a way of putting these principles into practice. I love knowing that membership in CSF allows my small contributions to be magnified in scale and scope.

Daniel Vogelsang, Website/Outreach

I am a Kansas-born farm-boy turned website-designer/web-app engineer, with a passion for environmental and commutative justice, and economic reform. The CSF offers me an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is by focusing on the re-imagination of local economy.

Our Members

Nathan Schneider,

Member Education

I am an admirer, documenter, and builder of co-op projects, particularly platform co-ops for the online economy. I also teach in Media Studies at CU Boulder. I also wrote a book on co-ops, "Everything for Everyone."

Shirin Chahal,

Business Support

I am a business, intellectual property, and tax resolution attorney. My law practice focuses on serving a wide range of small business owners and entrepreneurs in Colorado as their outside corporate counsel. I am an advocate for the cooperative, "shared economy" business movement as a way to address economic inequality in our country.

Jice Johnson,

Business Support

I'm passionate about breaking chains and building community. I'm here to create and be a part of new models and systems we can uses to leverage our collective power.

Jeremy Katz,

Business Support

I joined the Colorado Solidarity Fund because I believe in making access to capital easier for under-resourced communities and cooperative business models.

Cole Chandler,

Outreach, Web, Marketing

I'm a husband and new dad who is passionate about building community, growing food, and breathing fresh air. I've been living and moving alongside of people experiencing homelessness for the last decade and I believe that an economy that works for all of us and perpetuates cycles of beauty rather than violence is possible.

Daniel Paly,


Having lived in and worked with Co-Ops of various kinds I've found them to be potentially transformative ways to organize. I love CSF's emphasis on low-income and marginalized communities in particular and hope we truly do grow a Solidarity Economy that lifts up all that need it most.

CSF COVID-19 Relief

The Colorado Solidarity Fund is an investment club actively seeking new ways to impact our community in light of COVID-19. If you are a Colorado business in need of help, click "COVID Relief" in the upper right hand corner of your screen. 

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